Transformations Daycare Centre
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Vision Statement

Our mission is to create a natural learning environment that is educational and safe, where children can learn from and be motivated by their teachers and peers, while developing a positive self-esteem.

Our Philosophy

Our objective is to prepare your children for school by teaching them basic academics and keeping them engaged through social activities. When children have an interest, they are eager to learn about it. Rather than a set curriculum, our teachings thrive on the natural interests of our children. Our methods focus on creating motivation for learning and exploring through inspirational teaching and the development of self-esteem. Our team uses the latest behavioural techniques, focusing on positive reinforcement rather than traditional methods.

Our Team


Anna has seven years of experience working with children in numerous capacities, from group homes, to daycares, to specialized preschools. She has extensive experience and training in intensive behavioural intervention, which is an important teaching technique for children. Anna has used this technique for typically developing children, as well as special needs kids. Anna has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University and utilizes behavioural psychology, with a focus in positive reinforcement, as a teaching strategy. Anna is eager to continue working towards helping the community in raising happy and healthy children. For fun, Anna loves teaching salsa, training dogs, and last but not least, hanging out with her hilarious daughter Isabella.